33 Days – 3 Take Aways

33 Days – 3 Take Aways


While I prefer to read non-fiction during the day when my brain can still absorb new information (nighttime reading for me is to detach and unwind), after hearing Panache Desai speak at a Random House Open House event, I decided to give his book Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33 Day Path To Purpose, Passion & Joy a shot. I will openly admit, that despite considering myself a highly spiritual person, I was a bit skeptical at first. Thankfully, as a Taurus, once I make a commitment, it’s very rare that I don’t see it through to the end.

Without ruining it for those of you who might pick up a copy for yourselves, the purpose is to reconnect with your authentic self. Everyday for 33 days you read one chapter, broken up into morning, noon and night passages. Having completed the task I can tell you that it is succinctly and authentically written, and the chapters flow effortlessly into the next as your progress. I will also say, that when you are prompted to stop to carry out a small task – do it. This is not a book to be rushed through, but rather a book to be read and savored every step of the way.

So what did I discover when I reached the end you might ask? I’ll sum it up in three bullet points, since we all know now that three is the magic number.


  1. A nice deep breath really can change everything.
  2. Keep your mind clear and your heart open.
  3. Everyone we encounter offers us the opportunity to give and receive love, and love always wins.

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