A Quiet Moment On The Beach

A Quiet Moment On The Beach


This morning i rose at 5:45 am, got dressed, and hugged my teary-eyed daughter goodbye before heading to the airport for a work conference in San Diego. Now, fourteen hours later (I’m still on East Coast time) i am sitting in my hotel room in a plush robe after long, hot (and uninterrupted) shower proceeded by a few quiet hours spent alone reading on the beach.

Looking back, I can remember the first time I left my daughter at home while attending a conference for work. She was around two and a half years old, and up until then we had never spent a night apart. I remember feeling guilty for leaving, and then feeling even more guilty for enjoying those four days of down time from being a mom.

Now, with a few more years of experience under my belt, while it is still a bit difficult to part, I have come to realize that these “quiet moments” are not only necessary, but essential for both of us. They will help my daughter to realize that she can survive without mom for a few days, and they always help me to regroup and reload for the many challenges that motherhood will throw my way in the months ahead. And because God is good (all the time), these little breaks always come along just when I need them the most.

So, to Samantha – I love you and will be home to tuck you in on Sunday night, and to the rest of you – remember that we all need a little alone time now and again if we want to continue to be the best we can be to the ones we love most.

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