Always Spot On

Always Spot On


For those of you still waiting for the poem inspired by Alicia Keys, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, here’s one inspired shortly thereafter by the one and only Maya Angelou. Every time I hear her speak she is always spot on, and it makes me want to be a better person, and in this case it made me want to write. To paraphrase, in an interview with Oprah, when asked about where she feels the most at peace, her answer was “within myself”. She went on to say  that sometimes faith trembles, and in those moments she realizes that she is in danger and she is also dangerous. However, being able to recognize this allows her to regain her center and find peace once again. So, Miss Maya, this one’s for you.

When Faith Trembles

(Inspired by Maya Angelou)


Faith Trembles

And in that moment

My tongue becomes a dagger

Stabbing innocent victims

With my cold and heartless words

It is fear speaking, not me

But once said

Words cannot be unspoken

And the damage cannot be undone


Faith trembles

And in that moment

My mind betrays me

Convincing me that something

My heart knows is wrong

Is ok, just this once

And as if I have no choice

I step off of His path

And into the darkness

Alone and unarmed


Faith trembles

And in that moment

The chaos of this crazy world

Quickly sucks me in

Losing my center, my balance

I don’t know up from down

Right from left

The truth from all of the shiny lures of the world


Faith trembles

And in that moment

If I don’t catch myself

I could very easily lose my way

If I don’t stop and take a deep breathe

I could very easily say something I will later regret

If I don’t reconnect with that place deep within

I could very easily derail years of focus and hard work


But because faith sometimes trembles

I do my best to remember in those moments

That it is only my faith that ever trembles

While His faith in me remains unwavering for all eternity

  1. Elizabeth Cosgriff
    Elizabeth Cosgriff02-26-2014

    Lovely, Su. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Elizabeth Cosgriff
    Elizabeth Cosgriff05-05-2014

    Really like this, Su.

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