Countdown to 2015

Countdown to 2015




The past few months have brought with them some positive changes in both my personal and professional life, so rather than make a new set of resolutions (which would most likely be a repeat of the past few years anyway), I have decided to continue with  my forward momentum into 2015 instead. I will not allow my fear of the unknown to keep me from forging ahead, especially since the future is truly unknown to us all anyway. I will accept “failure” in stride, as long as it is not a failure of courage, for I know that my greatest strength lies in facing my self proclaimed “weaknesses”, and being courageous enough to stare them down is half the battle. And most importantly, I will do my best to stay humble and grateful in the year to come. When things finally start going your way, it’s is only natural to want to shout it from the rooftops, but there is a quiet grace and freedom that comes with humility and surrender, and that I find much more comforting than any outward praise.

For those of you who still choose to set new resolutions, I am truly rooting for you. And if you are on the fence as the final hours of 2014 tick away, maybe finding something positive to carry with you into 2015 will better serve you this time around. So let’s not focus on what we aren’t going to do, but rather what we plan to do much more of in the coming year. Blogging more regularly is at the top of my list, what’s at the top of yours?

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