First Snow Day of the Year

First Snow Day of the Year


While I wasn’t thrilled about all of the shoveling that came along with 16″ and my daughter’s first snow day of the year, I was almost as happy as she was when I heard the news.

After two late openings (the first one led her to tears because she “really wanted the day off”) and one early dismissal, this past Thursday school was closed. And I had the added bonus of knowing this before I crawled into bed on Wednesday night. As a full-time working mom who rarely gets to sleep in, there’s something sweet about being able to go to bed without having to set the alarm in the middle of the week.

The first words out of Samantha’s mouth when she woke up on Thursday morning were “well?” followed by “finally!”, when i gave her the good news. The only downside to it all came this morning with the six phone calls between 6 – 8 am to alert me that she would have a late opening today as well. Guess it all has a way of evening out in the end.

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