From The Pink Journal: Faith vs. Fear

From The Pink Journal: Faith vs. Fear


As a writer I own every kind of notebook imaginable, and I have them all over the place. I have pocket sized notebooks for jotting down ideas, stacks of spiral wide-ruled notebooks with tear out pages for outlining stories, and composition books for the actual writing, but my favorite notebook of all is a pink leather bound journal where I copy out (neatly) my favorite quotes and passages from books I have read. I have entitled it Words Worth Remembering, and when I need a little pick me up or inspiration, I simply open it up and re-read some of my favorite lines.

Below is a simple, but true one that reiterates a conversation I had with a friend over lunch. The question came up: “If you don’t live your life based on faith, what do you life your life based on?” The answer: more often than not (and often by default) – FEAR.  As I continue to try to live my life based on faith, re-reading these lines is a good reminder that faith is ultimately the better choice.

“If you let fear make your decisions for you, fear will make good decisions – but only for it’s own sake, not yours.”

– from The Pretend Wife by Bridget Asher
(one of my favorite books on my 2010 reading list)

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