Not My HIStory

Not My HIStory


Inspired by our trip to Memphis and a visit to the National Civil Rights Museum

Not My HIStory

by Suhaiba Neill

I stood where Martin stood

And tried to imagine
Having the strength
To peacefully lead
A divided nation
To the promise land

It took my breath away

I sat where Rosa sat
And tried to imagine
Being so tired
Of the unjust laws
That governed her world
Simply due to the color of her skin

It made me weak in the knees

I walked the path that Ruby walked
And tried to imagine
What it felt like
To be so young, so innocent
And yet so full of courage

It sent shivers down my spine

I sat in church
Bowed my head
Swayed to the rhythm
Of an old familiar song
And yet it wasn’t enough

I marched on the mall
Waved my flag
Chanted along with the masses
A sea of many shades and hues
And yet it wasn’t enough

I cast my vote
Made sure my voice was heard
Despite the waves of opposition
To honor those who fought to pave the way
And yet is wasn’t enough

The battle wages on
The struggle still continues
The fight is not over

So I call on the strength
Of those who came before me
The Martins, and Rosas and Rubys
Who never gave up
Who never gave in
Who never lost faith
They are a gentle, but constant reminder
That we have not reached the final chapter
That this is not how it ends
That this will not be all there is to my history

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