The Story of Joe

The Story of Joe


About a year ago, my daughter started bugging me about getting a dog of her own. While she grew up with and loved Willow, she was a bit too big to cuddle with and a bit too strong for her to walk. I’ll also admit, that I always liked the idea of having a dog that could curl up at the end of my feet while I watched tv and not take up the entire couch. I had also decided that our next dog would be a rescue and would have to be at least two years old. While I loved raising two dogs from puupyhood, I didn’t have the time or energy to start from scratch again at this point in my already crazy life.

While I knew the timing wasn’t right, I began checking every so often to see who was up for adoption. And to placate my daughter I told her (and myself) that when the time was right, the right dog would find us. At the end of September our search was over, or so I thought.

I stumbled across a picture of Joe one day and instantly fell in love. I sent an email to Cares4Pets to see if he was still available and set up a time to go and meet him. It was a Friday evening after work, and seeing him in person was all it took. The woman I met with told me to take the weekend and think it over, and if I was still interested to send them a follow up email. Trying not to seem too eager, I waited until Tuesday morning to respond, and then started to get very nervous when I didn’t hear back. I sent another email at the end of the day only to discover that since they hadn’t heard back from me they had lined up another visit with another family the following evening. If that didn’t pan out they would let me know and then I could submit a formal application for him. That Wednesday was the longest day of my life, though I kept telling myself the same thing my mother told me many times over the years – “if it is meant to be it will be”.

Finally on Thursday morning I got another email letting me know that Joe was still up for adoption, and they brought him to our house for a visit that same night. He spent an hour hanging out with us as we chatted with the two volunteers who accompanied him, and the moment he was gone we missed him.

This time I wasn’t taking any chances and sent my paperwork in as soon as they left and put the check in the mail first thing in the morning.  On Saturday, October 2nd, Joe came home for good. I found out later that he had been in foster care for over two months and four other families had passed on adopting him after their initial meeting. So I guess mom was right, what’s meant to be will be.

If you’re looking for a four legged friend and live in the Philadelphia area, I highly recommend checking out Cares4Pets. The program is run by former and current vet students from the University of Pennsylvania and unlike other rescue groups, they go into the local shelters and choose dogs that can easily be adopted out and place them in foster homes while actively searching for forever homes for them. And if you’re not local, is a great place to search for all types of animals that are in need of permanent homes.

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