What’s Your Face Worth?

What’s Your Face Worth?


Thanks to Groupon, I had my first facial about two months ago. I was truly happy with the results, but didn’t feel like I was given enough “at home” instruction on how to maintain my skin on my own. Low and behold,  a few weeks later I met a friend of a friend at a networking event who is a “healthy lifestyle consultant”.  She gave me some straight forward advice on how to maintain a healthy face. #1 – you only need 4 facials a year, one at the start of each new season. #2 – a facial wash with a pH of 5.5 is optimum (phisoderm was her recommendation). #3 – a warm wash cloth is all you need to get your face clean (no need for expensive scrubs or scrub brushes). I’ve been following her advice, and my face has never looked better (anyone who knows me knows I’ve struggled with keeping a clear complexion since my early teens).

While my next facial will probably not be at a discounted rate, I have decided that my face is worth $400-$500 per year (including tips). What’s your face worth?

P.S. – for all the Starbucks coffee drinkers out there, 4 facials will cost you less than half of what you’d spend in a year if you drink one cup of coffee per day.

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