My 3 Favorite Features

My 3 Favorite Features


I’m going to start this post with an apology because I’m going to make a generalization about most women. I’d bet that if you asked almost any woman what three features she disliked about her body the most, she’d be able to rattle them off with out batting an eyelash. If, however, you asked the same woman to name her three favorite features, I bet she’d have to think about it for a minute.

So why is it that we’re so quick to point out our own “flaws”, but have such a hard time seeing the beauty that so many others see when they look at us? I know the media doesn’t help, but let’s stop with the excuses. Below are my three favorite features, which happen to all be things that I got picked on for at one time or another as a child (mostly at the hands of my brothers – sorry guys, but I still love ya).

  1. My lips – yes they are full, yes I was frequently teased and called Mick Jagger, but they are now my most favorite facial feature.
  2. My freckles – I have a girlfriend who tried her hardest to cover her freckles all through high school, but I’ve always loved mine. I feel like without them, my face would just be too plain.
  3. My hands – for a girl my size, they are a bit on the large side. In my younger days, I thought I would eventually “grow into them” (wishful thinking – I’m still tiny), but now I realize how strong and yet gentle they truly are. From palming basketballs to cradling my newborn daughter, and everything in between, I love my hands and all that they have allowed me to do.

Now it’s your turn to make your own favorites list. While three is my magic number (see The Power of Three), don’t limit yourself. I hope you are pleasantly surprised to see your list quickly grow, and may it soon outnumber that lifelong “dislike” list you have stored in your head. Time to move that one to the trash, and replace it with a much more valuable one. 🙂


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