She Knows Me Too Well

She Knows Me Too Well


Last week as I was gathering my things to head out the door when my daughter turned to me and said “Why aren’t you wearing your leopard print shoes?” I had on a white linen sleeveless shirt and magenta capri pants, which I do usually pair with my leopard sandals to mix things up a bit. In the madness that has been my life however, surrounding our recent move, I hadn’t had time to update my pedicure and my toes were in no shape to be on display. I filled her in to this fact, and she nodded and we headed out the door.

What I realized in that short interaction however, has stuck with me ever since.  So much so, that I felt inclined to write about it. Raising a modest (and unspoiled) daughter in this day and age is no easy feat. We argue regularly about appropriate clothing choices (leggings are not pants!!!) and have very different taste (I can’t shop for her anymore), but in the end, as much “talking” as I do about things, it’s really the “living” that counts.

Whether I realize it or not, she’s always paying attention, and this particular incident reminded me that actions speak much louder than words. While I like looking nice for work, and love getting dressed up for special occasions, my wardrobe has changed quite a bit since she came along, as it should (I’m just not one of those “do as I say and not as I do” moms, nor was I raised by one). But now that I’m re-aware of how much she’s paying attention, I may just have to throw her a curveball and change up my style a bit. Who said moms can’t still have some fun with fashion too. 😉

leopard shoes

Author’s Note – I originally wrote this post on August 17th, but had to get my pedicure updated before I could take the photo. Now it’s too cold for the cute leopard print sandals.

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