The Power of Three

The Power of Three


Any children’s author worth their weight knows that three is the magic number. With children, it’s all about the repetition. With adults, it’s more often about being able to sum something up succinctly while still getting your point across. It may also have something to do with memory and attention span – ever tried to remember more than three things you needed from the store successfully without a list?Because so many ideas flow in and out of my head, this will be the start of my “top three” series. Feel free to share your own as well, or pose a question about other favorite things and I’ll do my best to answer.

Top Three Favorite Sounds

  1. Thunder when I’m safe in my bed
  2. The “swoosh” of a perfect shot passing through the rim
  3. The sound of my fingers moving quickly across the keyboard when I’ve found my rhythm

Top Three Pet Peeves

  1. Know it alls
  2. Wet towels on the end of the bed
  3. Having to set my alarm clock on the weekend


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