To Share Or Not To Share

To Share Or Not To Share


As a writer, believe it or not, more often than not, I’m reluctant to share my words. This is mostly out of fear that they’re not quite good enough, or not quite ready for anyone else’s eyes. Ask almost any writer you know and I’ll bet they’ll tell you that most of what they put out into the world rarely feels truly “finished.” There’s always a word that could be swapped out for a better one, or a paragraph that could be rearranged to get the emotions you’re striving for across a little more clearly, or a chapter that you would end differently if given the chance…the list goes on.

But as a writer, there also comes a point when you feel like if you don’t share your words, then what’s the point of having put pen to paper in the first place? Or in my case, you feel like you’re going to explode if you sit on them any longer.

Thankfully, my BFF is my “first reader”, and always gives me honest and open feedback without judgement (a key quality in a critic). So, here’s my most recent poem. I was reluctant to share it with the world due to the ache deep within my heart that is now reflected on the page, but his reaction to it lead me to change my mind. So this is me, letting go and letting go…

The Art of Letting Go

There must be
An art
To letting go
And it is one
That I have yet
To master

Some say it takes
10,000 hours
To become a master
So does that mean
It will take
10,000 heartbreaks
To master the art
Of letting go?
I sure hope not

Some study their trades
For years and years
Before attempting the test
To prove their knowledge
So does that mean
It will take me years
To truly understand
When it is time
To let go?
I don’t have that kind of time

Sometimes I think
I have in fact, let go
Only to discover
I missed cutting
One final string
Keeping me connected
Keeping me from moving on
There always seems to be
“Just one more”

Maybe the art
Isn’t in letting go
At all
Maybe the true art
Is in learning how to





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