Zip Me Up Please

Zip Me Up Please


This past weekend, my daughter and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of an old childhood friend. For my daughter, this meant a trip to the mall for a new dress (she doesn’t wear dresses, so I don’t buy them unless absolutely necessary). For me, this meant a trip through the back of my closet (I love getting dressed up, but seeing as I’m single, I don’t get to do it very often). I had a dress in mind when I started rummaging through the various dry cleaning bags and stumbled across a deep pink dress that I had forgotten all about. While my go to dress was navy blue (I try to stay away from black f I can) I was excited at the thought of wearing a much more fun color to a summer wedding.

With my hair in a clip on top of my head and my slip in place, I unzipped the side zipper and slipped the dress over my head. I then proceeded to zip it back up, only to have it stick about halfway. It wasn’t an issue of size (the dress still fits), but rather of the placement of the zipper and the gathering of the fabric just above my waist. I asked my daughter to give it a try, and although her fingers were small enough to grasp the tiny zipper, she wasn’t quite strong enough and didn’t have enough leverage to successfully get it any further than I did.

I struggled with it for a few more minutes before giving in and swapping out for the navy blue dress instead (no zippers on that one). And while I still looked good and was appropriately dressed, I was a bit disappointed that the pink dress was relinquished to the back of my closet.

While most of us single moms have figured out how to manage all on our own, there are small moments like this one that act as reminders for me as to what life was like before, when I could simply ask my husband to “zip me up please.” Sometimes you need the strong yet agile hands of a man to get you all zipped up on special occasions – or unzipped, but that’s another confession for another day…

Back Story

Being my first confession, I thought I’d also start with the truth. I was married for seven years, gave birth to one amazing daughter who will enter “double digits” this fall, have wonderful stepchildren that I still stay in touch with, and have remained friends with my former husband (I really can’t stand the term “ex”).

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